lundi 26 octobre 2009

Quebec's municipal elections in 2009

The 2009 municipal election campaign in Quebec has not been dull and if the action was at the “rendez-vous”, this situation has caused another problem.
Indeed, the disillusionment with several candidates and the many scandals raise the question: who to vote for?
It is well known in political science that we never vote for a candidate and his promises, but rather against others and their faults.
As an exemple, in the provincial election in Quebec (March 26, 2007), voters chose to vote for Jean Charest because they feared that the customs of the PQ candidate André Boisclair was not acceptable for a head of state. In a sense, it is the elimination of a candidate who obtained the victory of another. Several political experts think that if Bernard Landry has been head of the Parti Quebecois in the 2007 elections, he would have won because voters did not vote for Jean Charest, but against Andre Boiclair.
The same situation was experienced in the United States during the last presidential campaign in November 2008. Several voters have chosen to support Barack Obama in order not to elect John McCain and his running mate Sarah Palain, both considered too unpredictable. The choice was not easy for many Americans and to elect a black politician was close to sacrilege ... If McCain had another more experienced running mate, he would probably have gained the vote.
Citizens of several Quebec municipalities are currently facing this kind of question: which candidate should you choose? And what if, all the running candidates disappoint us?
Not voting is not an option as this would ultimately abandon our right as citizens.
Should you go by our emotions or by our good judgment?
If we take the case of Montreal, it is obvious that the best candidate, according to a logical evaluation is Gérald Tremblay who has experience and who claims to have begun to correct abuses and financial fraud. By cons, emotionally, because he failed to do so completely during his last two terms as mayor, one might be tempted to offer a chance for a new candidate who has little experience but who shows great honesty is like a Richard Bergeron. Unfortunately, the citizens of Montreal are not lucky to have a candidate as have those of Quebec City with their Régis Labeaume. But as the saying goes: "We must make do with what we have in our kitchen."
The choice belongs to all citizens but it is essential for everyone to vote. Thus, democracy will have spoken and we might get, as a group, the best choice. Happy voting!
Picture 1: City Hall in Québec city;
Picture 2: Richard Bergeron, Mayor candidate in Montréal.

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