lundi 5 octobre 2009

Guilty or not - Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski’s story is very similar to the one of Guy Cloutier. We have in one side a filmmaker of great talent and in the other side one of the greatest impresarios of Quebec.
When Guy Cloutier pleaded guilty to charges of sex with a minor and that he had accepted a prison sentence, I was saddened because, even if I disagree with his actions towards Nathalie Simard, I consider him as one of the builders of the cultural industry in Quebec. He has an incomparable talent to discover and manage artists and the only one who is better and who has done more than Guy is René Angélil.
But the Justice chose to punish Guy Cloutier and to lose his talent as promoter. Does the situation should be different with Roman Polanski, one of the greatest filmmakers of our time?
The answer is obvious! He must be punished for his crime, especially since he had drugged and raped his victim, 30 years ago. received several emails regarding the crimes of Vincent Lacroix and Earl Jones. We experienced the same situation with Guy Cloutier and we received many comments. None of the emails asked for leniency and all of them suggested prison. Even some of them wanted to stone the guilty on the public place...
I hope that you will be consistent with your previous comments and that no one will write to me to suggest that Justice should be more lenient towards Roman Polanski ...
Bernard Bujold
Photo 1: Roman Polanski and Guy Cloutier;
Photo 2: Roman Polanski in Marrakech - 2008

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