vendredi 2 octobre 2009

Alive or dead - From Vincent Lacroix to Nelly Arcan

The statement by fraudster Vincent Lacroix to the effect that he is mentally dead although physically he is still alive leads us to the following reflection: "Why does he cling to this life of his which is difficult and cruel? " In contrast, there are others like the writer Nelly Arcan, who despite her youth, her fame and popularity in society decides to take action to commit suicide?
Why are some people who have lost everything or who are sick cling to life while others that seem to own everything and are healthy, they decide to leave before the end?
Several philosophies exist about what life is about; several are purely imaginary, many are religious and some are rational and materialistic whereas life comes down only to time spent on earth with no life after death.
It is impossible to determine what really happens after death but it is possible to see and understand that life on earth is like a trip. Every steps are unpredictable and if some are happiness and joyce, others are real torture. Unfortunately we did not really decide events of our life and it is the chance that determines the fate of each, which is in perpetual flux. Our only personal decision is the reaction we have to deal with events that are presented to us!
The current situation of Vincent Lacroix is an example of bad times in the destiny as well as the life of other like the former Lieutenant-Governor Lise Thibault or Micheline Charest at the time of the bankruptcy of Cinar. These leaders of society have experienced the fame and life of luxury but they suddenly find themselves outcasts and stoned (figuratively) on the public square. They have gone at the top to return then to the lowest of society! Their situation is very painful, close to torture, but they cling to life.
Some readers of have written to suggest to send to the electric chair financial fraudsters or sentencing them to prison at perpetuity?
I do not think Lacroix, Thibault or Charest deserve the same treatment as child abusers, rapists, murderers or terrorists. The Vincent Lacroix, Lise Thibault and Micheline Charest (before his accidental death) continue to cling to their life and hope for a slim glimmer of happiness at the horizon. In a sense, their courage is very commendable, the other option being death by suicide and this solution is leading nowhere!
Photo 1: Vincent Lacroix, Micheline Charest and Lise Thibault;
Photo 2: Nelly Arcan;
Photo 3: Mademoiselle X and the mascots at Père Lachaise Cimetary in Paris

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