lundi 19 octobre 2009

Municipal politics and the journalists

Municipal politics in Quebec has never been very popular with the population and sometimes the mayors and their teams are even re-elected without opposition.
This does not mean that municipal politics is irrelevant and that there is no advantage to being a municipal politician. One may also note that conflicts of interest and abuses of power occur often in municipal rather than provincial or federal precisely because of the lack control mechanism and the opportunities for personal gain.
The mayoral campaign in 2009 is not different from those of previous years. The population shows little interest and only the candidates are really enthusiastic and motivated as they are hoping to get a little local fame.
Precisely because of this situation it becomes important for media to be interested in the sector of public administration and to scrutinize the actions of elected officials or those who wish to become one.
The investigative work conducted by journalist Fabrice de Pierrebourg and the website Rue Frontenac deserves the praise and public recognition. Politicians involved in this investigation have denied any impropriety and it is only after all other media became interested in the case, in the traces of Rue Frontenac, that wrongdoers have reacted and resigned.
In conclusion, the site Rue Frontenac demonstrated that it has become a must information source in Quebec and Montreal in particular.
Congratulations and long life to this team!
Photo 1: Montréal City Hall and Rue Frontenac's logo;
Photo 2: Jean-René Dufort and Québec's Mayor Régis Labeaume.

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