dimanche 11 octobre 2009

Barack Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize 2009

The award of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 to Barack Obama is proof that the President of the United States managed to reach the whole world in his mission as a statesman.
Barack Obama is the best demonstration that a single man with his ideas and determination can change the world.
Some say he has still done nothing, if not to attract attention and create hope for a better and fairer society. That is precisely what must accomplish real leaders, whether religious, economic or political? Inspire and persuade others to act and perform. Barack Obama is a huge source of inspiration as there is currently no other comparable on the planet.
For this reason, the decision of the Selection Committee of the Nobel Prize for Peace is quite appropriate and visionary. The sages at the Nobel realized the importance of Barack Obama and they wanted to encourage him to continue. LeStudio1.com congratulate the President of the United States for the honor granted to him. We also recently offered him a mention in the gallery The Best 2009.
Picture 1: Barack Obama in his White House's Office
Picture 2: Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy
Picutre 3: Barack Obama (Picture by Pete Souza)

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