lundi 21 septembre 2009

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown - The Power of the mind!

The new Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol is a perfect book in its composition as a literary thriller and each of the 133 chapters begins and ends with suspense. It is clear that it qualifies as an excellent "page turner".
The story is not unique in itself but it is a fascinating read, which according to me, is as interesting as was the famous best-seller The Da Vinci Code. I am convinced that the publisher and the author will succeed in sales that already exceed the millions of copies. Note that to do better than The Da Vinci Code it will have to sell over 81 million copies ...
But where the book is different and new is at the level of its scientific reflections on the power of the human mind. You can make a direct connection with the book The Secret. However, if the work of Rhonda Byrne was closer to the theories of "Positive Thinking" of Dale Carnegie, the one of Dan Brown is making his conclusions on scientific research. You can consult the website of the organization from whom Brown supported the theories of his novel: The Institute of Noetic Sciences, which is located in Northern California and which specializes in research on the power of the human brain. (See web link below)
The book by Dan Brown suggests the conclusion that the human mind is infinitely powerful, but that its possibilities are still largely unknown and unused by the general public. However, organizations like the Freemasons knew that power and they exchanged on the topic among members of the secret brotherhood. The same situation existed and still exists in religious organizations, like in Roman Catholic.
Dan Brown comes to define God as the human spirit in all of us. We are God and he exists in our mind. The author also describes the magic (real magic ...) as a knowledge of science and its possibilities. To describe the unknown aspects of the human brain, Dan Brown has consulted with the Research Institute of Noetic. We can believe the theories he advances.
For this reason, the conclusion of his book is encouraging. According to the novel by Dan Brown, there is hope for the future of humanity because the human mind is in fact God and, therefore, that spirit will be responsible for the future of humanity.We are the master of our destiny!
Bernard Bujold -
Photo 1: Cover of The Lost Symbol and Dan Brown;
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Photo 3: Bernard Bujold and his copy of "The Lost Symbol"

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