dimanche 20 novembre 2011

Montreal Book Fair 2011 - Kathy Reichs meeting her readers ...

The Book Fair in Montreal in 2011 is attended by hundreds of writers scattered over 950 booths of publishers. The 2011 Edition is different from previous years where once you felt the presence of writers at the forefront and often see superstars. In 2011, the book is at the forefront and it has taken the limelight.
Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) visit the Book Fair in Montreal since the end of 1990.
"I've always loved the Montreal Book Fair and I met several authors. My favorite is still Kathy Reichs that I had met first in 1997 when she write her first novel " Déjà Dead". I had the opportunity to meet her often and she is always smiling and I have never seen Kathy in a bad mood or tired of meeting her readers. I love this author and I was very happy to see her again at the book fair 2011. Unfortunately she has not been accompanied by actress Emily Deschanel (Bones) ... "

Photo 1: Shows the Montreal Book Fair 2011;
Photo 2: Stands Book Fair:
Photo 3: Presentation Book Steve Jobs;
Photo 4 and 5: Kathy Reichs;
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