mercredi 9 novembre 2011

The fall 2011 in a historical "Spa"

Bernard Bujold (the creator of was invited to a 'spa' that could be described as exclusive and where we can not choose to go but we have to be invited ...
The program includes: resting, reading, and no computer except for a BlackBerry in order to stay in touch.
The place is located in a historic garden dating back to the colonization of Québec in the mountainside and the nights are lit by moonlight that could not be more romantic!
Bernard took the opportunity of his stay to read what he considers the three best books published in 2011:
Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson;
Conrad Black on his own, and
Rafa by Rafael Nadal.
Here is photo report of the place as well as reflections on the three books.

Picture 1: The historical "Spa" ;
Picture 2: Under the Moonlight ;
Picture 3: Bernard Bujold at the "Spa" ;
Picture 4: The three books of 2011 ;

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