dimanche 27 novembre 2011

Dominique Strauss-Khan was the victim of a plot worthy of the novels John Le Carré...

An exclusive report by The New York Review of Books was published Saturday November 26 and the story makes it clear that Dominique Strauss-Khan would have been the victim of a plot to stop his run for the presidency of France.
The narrative of the facts is worthy of a spy novel by John Le Carré.
It is shown that Strauss-Khan's BlackBerry was hacked and stolen and that the Sarkozy campaign office would have read emails sent to Anne Sinclair. If people could receive emails from Strauss-Khan, the authors could also send fake incriminating emails.
In addition, the security chief at the Sofitel New York was filmed after the interview with the maid when he gave "high five" to a Deputy and he danced joyfully because DSK had fallen into their trap. Also, the Chief of the security of all Sofitel was at the same time in a lodge with Sarkozy watching football and he would have been notified by telephone of the success of the operation ...
The conspiracy theory, especially as described in the New York Review of Books, is quite logical. It is a trap where
the victim fell. A bit like the police who catch drug dealers with false buyers (undercover officers). They knew the attraction of Strauss-Khan for escorts and prostitutes.
However, according to Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com), the authors of the conspiracy in New York probably did not expect Strauss-Khan to be arrested on the plane by police. This event was a sort of extra blow. Normally, Diallo would have acccused Strauss-Khan who would have been on the plane en route to France. He would have remained prisoner in his country and his presidential campaign derailed because of the charges. His arrest in New York were not anticipated or expected and the authors of the coup received more than they had planned in
their project. In a sense, this has become too big as history and the events attracted too much attention. It would be easier to manage the scandal if Strauss-Khan had not appeared before the U.S. Justice.
To be continued!

Photo 1: Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Anne Sinclair;
Photo 2: Sofitel New York;
Photo 3: Dominique Strauss-Khan before the Judge;
Photo 4: The maid Diallo;
See story The New York Book Review ;

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