jeudi 17 novembre 2011

Michael Sabia manages the Caisse de Dépôt du Quebec in a sentimental way...

The case of French language at the Caisse de Depot continues to receive attention in the Quebec media. It's a must that the Fund should be directed in French. The solution to expand its business in the world is to use experts able to speak other languages. It's like in Arab countries or Chinese where the speaking is done in Arabic or Chinese and then translated.
Bernard Bujold ( has experienced the management style of Michael Sabia. "One day I was chosen to fill an executive position with Bell Canada. But when Sabia was told that I was the Assistant to the President at Quebecor, he refused that I be hired because Quebecor was his worst enemy in the phone business... They say that he dreamed of Pierre-Karl Péladeau at night (nightmares )..."
The fact is that Sabia calculates its actions based on feelings. The case of French is not a hiccup. What is it however is that the case has become a topic of interest in the media. Sabia did not expect this ...

At worst, the Fund could use Google translation ... (joke)
Photo 1: Logo Caisse de Dépôt du Québec ;
Photo 2: Michael Sabia ;
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