lundi 23 novembre 2009

True Love...

Luck creates sometimes incredible events, close to the impossible! But the impossible can happen and we have daily proof of it all around us.
The latest example happened to a friend of mine who was approached in the street near her home by an individual, very nice and polite, who stopped walking and told her that he find her very beautiful... He said that he felt like a thunderbolt and he did not want to miss the opportunity in front of him! He'd like to meet her again for a coffee and he confided he was working nearby.
My friend thanked the type for the compliment but she added that she was not one to go for coffee with someone she did not know and she wished him to joke, better luck next time! The type returned the comment by offering his business card and asked if, at least, she would take into account to think and perhaps write to him later by e-mail.
The story would have ended there and the card would be gone in the trash if once back in her apartment, my friend had not recognized a kind of familiarity in the name of the individual. A foreign sounding name which hold a vague resemblance to the name of a friend’s boyfriend who was going out with an immigrant boy. Note that she had never met the guy and had only heard his name. She saw her friend only from time to time.
In a final twist, the friend of my friend just phoned the next day to reconnect and take stock of the summer. She said for a start that she was still in love with her suitor: "It will soon be 18 months that we're together!"
My friend took the opportunity to ask her to recall the exact name of the boyfriend and surprise, it was exactly the one of the business card. After having told the story of the meeting from the previous day, both girls agreed that it was the same man and, scandal, the Prince Charming was anything but a womanizer…
The incredible side of this story is that there is very little chance that the type of street would have landed precisely on the friend of his lover and that this lover would just phoned the next day to the girl courted by the guy. If my friend had returned from her office 5 minutes later, she would not have crossed the guy who would have never made his love declaration nor presented his card. If the girl had not call the next day, the meeting of the street would probably have been forgotten and never the cheated woman would have known. One could say that the chances of such coincidences are like the lottery and in a sense that the guy won the jackpot. But rather than a gain, he won the loss of his girlfriend ...
Who said that the difference between good and bad luck was a single small wire? Answer: Woody Allen in his film "Match Point"! Except that the story I have just told you is true and it has recently happened on a day of the autumn 2009 in Montreal ...
Bernard Bujold -
Picture 1: Montreal's Ste-Catherine Street;
Picture 2: Match Point by Woody Allen ( (Scarlett Johansson)

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