lundi 9 novembre 2009

Personalities of the Year 2009 - presents its selection of personalities who by us, have particularly distinguished themselves during 2009.
Our theme for the selection: "The greatest achievements begin always in the action and the thought of one individual! "
These appointments complete the other appointments weekly made during the year in the gallery The Best 2009.
Congratulations to all winners!
Bernard Bujold - Creator of

List of winners Personalities of the Year 2009
Personality of the Year in the World- Barack Obama
Politician of the Year - Régis Labeaume
Citizen of the Year - Ingrid Betancourt
Artist of the Year - Leonard Cohen
Musical Album of the Year - Sacrificum / Cecilia Bartoli
Cultural Promoter of the Year - Nathalie Bondil
Book of the Year - Over the notes ... / Helene Mercier
Photographer of the Year - Pete Souza
Media of the Year - Rue Frontenac
Mention - Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg
Mention the Editor - The Lost Symbol / Dan Brown

Link to the Official Presentation of the Personalities of the Year 2009

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