lundi 2 novembre 2009

From Glory to Humiliation - Lise Thibault

It is sometimes surprising to see the turnaround in admiration that we have towards certain personalities. The case of Lise Thibault, former Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, is particularly instructive.
I have known Lise Thibault and I even went twice, at her residence in the Laurentians during her summer galas. These feasts were never intimate and could be counted by hundreds of personalities the media or various backgrounds who were all very honored to be hosted by the Lieutenant Governor.
Personally, I must confess that I was myself a little bored but I had great pleasure to observe everyone around me and particularly the bows that people were doing in greeting "Madame" who because of her disability was always seated. For this reason, it looked like the people were kissing hand to the Pope ...
I am totally in favor of equal justice for all and if dignitaries commit breaches of the law, they must suffer the consequences.
However, where I am ill at ease, at least in the specific case of Lise Thibault, it is knowing that she is accused of having squandered public funds and that those for who the money was spent are the first to criticize, including several of the guests attending the official celebrations. If you want to be fair, it should be that people who have benefited from the holidays, or who received gifts from the Lieutenant Governor, are also punished. Lise Thibault had the habit of buying works of Quebec artists that she then offered as official gifts ...
It should be noted in the behavior of the entourage of former Lieutenant Governor the vindictiveness of people. Several people are nice and bend the knee to the dignitaries, but if these dignitaries show signs of weakness, they will be attacked without pity by their own friends. Moreover, some of my sources tell me that even the most critical accusations toward Thibault come from her former employees. These people declared that they loved her but in her back, they hated Thibault deeply ... It reminds me of Marie Antoinette!
Conclusion: The people tolerate the monarchy and the idols but attention, Princes and Princesses, if fate become less favorable to you, people will leave you and you will be sent to the scaffold ...
Bernard Bujold

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