mercredi 13 mai 2009

Trahison and ther scandals (Guy Lafleur)

The scandals have never been so much in media than today, but the betrayal and lies always been a major part in everyday life of society, regardless of the period in time. The story of Judas who betrayed Jesus is probably the best known ...
Closer to home, the most shattering disappointment during the last month was without a doubt the one of Bernard Madoff. The style of his betrayal was surprising as well as incredible in the magnitude of its consequences.
On a more local scale, residents of Montreal could compare Zampino case to the one of Judas. An apostle (municipal counselor) betrays its Chief and accepts secret favors (travel on a yacht belonging to asupplier of the city). He claims he paid his expenses but there is an apparent conflict of interest. The mayor of Montreal, Gérald Tremblay, however, does not yield to the betrayal of his former political partner and he recently received a standing ovation from the delegates of the Association of Quebec economists during their annual congress. All the guests applauded the mayor and some have even said on the stand that they wanted him to be reelected. These are mainly journalists who want his resignation while the public seems to support the mayor, at least again his opponent in the election of the next November 1.
Another debate in the media which is connected to honesty is about the former hockey player Guy Lafleur who was convicted of lying to the Tribunal and who will receive his sentence on 18 June. Unlike the situation experienced by Mayor Tremblay, the journalists are the one who defend the sports figure and the citizens are the ones who want a severe punishment. The comments in the blogs are most unanimous: "This is not because he is a hockey star hockey that he is above the law."
The case of Guy Lafleur is similar to the one of the impresario Guy Cloutier because they are two big stars in their career but they have violated the law in their personal lives. Cloutier was charged to have sex with a underage girl (Nathalie Simard). This had upset the world of popular song as Guy Cloutier was a pillar of the music industry in Quebec and he was equally important and known as Guy Lafleur. Cloutier was regarded as the best manager of artist after René Angélil. Unlike the Lafleur case, very few people had taken positions publicly in favor of Cloutier as he had pleaded guilty and accepted a prison sentence. This reaction of his had cut short the debate, but if few people have stated it openly, several admit in private conversations that theyconsider Cloutier not entirely guilty and Nathalie Simard had its share of responsibility. Several, among his friends, would have wanted Cloutier explains its actions to the judge but he did not want to do it. Guy Lafleur acted differently as he even take action to prosecute the police for damage to his reputation because they have issued an warrant arrest against him. If Guy Cloutier had defended his action in front of the court, the judge might have decided differently but we will never know.
In the case of Guy Lafleur, the debate is very divided and it takes place on the public square. Some observers are deeply offended that we dare to attack the hockey player while others would like the judge to send himdirectly to jail ... The decision will be known next June.
You can add another person in the group of superstars who do not respect the law and this is the actor Keif Sutherland (Jack Bauer). Is an exceptional talent in one area may excuse illegal actions in another? That is the essence of the debate surrounding Guy Lafleur.
One thing is certain, our leaders and our stars are very rarely symbols of the truth! Someone once said: What we see in public represents only 10% truth and 90% is an interpretation as at the theater. In this sense, the true reality of life is behind the curtain ...
Bernard Bujold
Photo 1: Guy Lafleur
Photo 2: Ville de Montréal
Photo 3: Gérald Tremblay, Guy Cloutier, Keif Sutherland et Bernard Madoff

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