mardi 5 mai 2009

Dan Brown is back!

The successful author Dan Brown will return to the forefront next September 15 when his new book: The Lost Symbol will be available in bookstores.
The effects in the world of literature will be very important for both merchants and for the career of the writer.
First, will Dan Brown be at the height of his colleagues JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer and will he be able to deliver a best-selling better than Da Vinci Code. Rowling and Meyer have both managed to exceed the first volume of their series. They repeated their initial success and firmly dominated the best sellers list for several months, sometimes years. The Da Vinci Code book is without a doubt a success of modern literature with over 81 million copies sold, but the question which arose all observers: Does Dan Brown can repeat his success or was it a stroke of chance in his career?
The subject of his new book is about the brotherhood of the Freemasons and his secrecy. The action takes place in Washington and the character featured in Da Vinci Code, Robert Langdon, is back. An item to remember, the scenario would be play on a period of 12 consecutive hours. This type of canvas is very popular for thrillers and the formula was developed in the TV series 24H with Jack Bauer. Paulo Koelho also uses this formula in his latest book: The Winner stands alone.
Brown took 5 years to fine tune the search for The Lost Symbol but he was scheduled to deliver the book in 2005, which was not done.
Another upheaval surrounding the launch of the Dan Brown new book is the financial implications for the industry. The first printing is estimated at 5 million copies (in English) and several translations are planned. But will the operation be profitable? Already 6 months before the event, large libraries have begun to announce discounts between 30 and 40% if you buy a copy now. It is also anticipated that other discount will be offered at the launch. This approach did not appeal to small booksellers who can not offer reduced price because their profit margin is not on volume but on each unit.
Autumn promises to be the one of Dan Brown and we will live a global success or an abysmal failure ... Stay tuned!

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