lundi 18 mai 2009

Memory of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney

The former Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney leaves no one indifferent. Either we love and admire him deeply or we hate and despise him.
I have personally worked with Brian Mulroney in 1984. So I am one of those who admire and regard this person as a respectable man, generous and faithful in friendship.
I never hesitated to state my opinion and to those who sometimes asked me to explain my thinking, I always replied that I had the chance to meet and know many great characters and this allows me to compare. Of all these people, Brian seems like the most honest and most true of the whole group.
The truth is a concept whose definition varies from person to person it is impossible to judge if one does not compare the actions by common rules. Of all the men of power in the world of business and politics that I have known, many if not most are predators whose only pleasure is the capture of prey. In this sense, their friendship is false because they want to attract you and then crush you. I could name several persons that are still very active in the business community and who cause serious damage to their environment by being predators. Instead I will mention a businessman who is dead: Pierre Péladeau.
I worked with this person and we liked each other a lot but it was dangerous to work with him and he confessed this situation himself. The man said to me in confidence towards the end of his life: "I am a predator and sometimes I do not control it. I can be mean to my enemies but sometimes also with my friends ... The worst is that I do not know why? It's like a second nature "
Brian Mulroney is not a predator within the meaning of Pierre Péladeau and he is rather an idealist. He wanted to be an international leader in the american style and influence the world by his success as head of state.
I see great similarities between Brian and U.S. President Bill Clinton. This politician was one of the most effective during his presidency but also one of the most criticized and ridiculed. Yet with the benefit of hindsight, we realize that it was a better president than George Bush who has destroyed, economically, everything Clinton had done.
Brian Mulroney was a great Prime Minister and he had at heart the country. He managed to Canada as a sort of fellow academics and the goal was never his personal enrichment, but rather how making history by his accomplishments and innovations. Unfortunately in politics there is the perception, image and rumor. False rumors can help to create false reputations and potentially kill a character. This is the case of Brian Mulruney who was a victim of the media even though initially he was their greatest admirer. Brian read up to 12 major newspapers every day. A incredible consumer of journalistic information. It is these same media that have caused his downfall ...
It is interesting to note that Brian Mulroney's lawyer, Guy Pratte, has close ties with the situation of the former Prime Minister of Canada. Guy's father, Yves Pratte was a great lawyer and even Supreme Court Judge at the time of Pierre Trudeau (1975). However, he saw his reputation destroyed following a scandal when he was the president of Air Canada. A story for which he was fired from his job after a Commission of Inquiry which broke his career irreparably. Yves Pratte never recovery his former life after his firing from Air Canada. Guy admits in his biography that he often has to mind the memory of the sadness of his father whose life was destroyed by false accusations against him. In a sense, he probably thinks about his father when he defended Brian Mulroney.
In conclusion, I would say that whatever happens, Brian Mulroney will always have my admiration and that of all the leaders that I have come to know, he is the one who was most pleasant to work with.
The 1984 period was one of the best times of my life!
Bernard Bujold
Picture 2: Bill Clinton
Picture 3: Guy Pratte (Ottawa)
Picture 4: Bernard Bujold (Ottawa September 1984)

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