lundi 4 mai 2009

Canadian Centre for Architecture - 20 Years in 2009

The Canadian Center for Architecture (CCA) celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2009.
An open day was held during "20 hours" on Saturday May 4 and several activities were organized to involve the public.
The buildings of the Canadian Center for Architecture are to join the modern and the old. The CCA park is unique and has been fitted with giant sculptures which appear to meet the earth, the passage of time and the space in heaven. The construction of the park was a huge challenge because of the proximity of the Ville-Marie Highway and Montreal railroads. The architectural success of this park is to have managed to maintain calmness and beauty of space and isolate from the noise, the harsh urban and speed of the city, which are a fact of life all around.
One could qualify the CCA and its park as an oasis in the city ...
The park is really worth visiting and Bernard Bujold photographed this unique place in Montreal.
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