vendredi 31 janvier 2014


Bernard Bujold ( ) - 
The magazine Paris Match published an exclusive report on Valerie Trierweiler and her separation from François Hollande. 
The report consists of three parts : 
1 . The visit to India; 
2 . The discussion between Valerie and Paris Match on the plane to India : 
3 . An account of the various comments around Hollande after the separation. 
In summary, Valerie was surprised by the separation and she said : " ... I heard rumors ... but I did not pay any attention ... when I knew , it was as if I was falling from a skyscraper " 
From the side of Hollande, he is definitely afraid of revenge from Valerie even if she says that she wants to move on. As François Hollande said: " ...To humiliate someone is a problem, especially when the wounded animal is called Valerie Trierweiler, who anyone can fear the claws. Regarding her future, Valerie says she still considers herself a journalist at heart: "You do not become a journalist, you are one ..."" 
For the curious who want to read the entire article, you must buy the magazine because Paris Match did not published it for free on his public website...
Photo 1: Cover of PARIS MATCH magazine ;
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