dimanche 2 février 2014

WOODY ALLEN - Great genius and great madness

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) -
According to his daughter, Woody Allen would be a child molester... 
We can believe what we want, but none of us know for sure... 
The films of Woody Allan are really exceptional, but the story of his daughter Dylan Farrow could also be true! One does not prevent the other, on the contrary. 
Great genius is always accompanied by great madness! 
The letter in The New York Time begin with a question asked by his daughter: What is your favorite film by Woody Allen? At the end, Dylan ask if we still have the same answer after reading her letter. 
When Woody Allen received a Golden Globe award for lifetime achievement a few weeks ago, there was a lively debate about whether it was appropriate to honor a man who is an real "artistic giant" but also who was accused years ago of child molestation. 
Personally, I would add that there is never smoke without fire and if I love the films of Woody Allan which are really exceptional, I also believe in the story of his daughter Dylan Farrow. 
But the truth is sometimes difficult to demonstrate and, to separate good from evil is often impossible... 
Photo 1: Woody Allen and his daughter Dylan Farrow;
Photo 2: Woody Allen;
See letter in The New York Times
See how the letter was written ;

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