jeudi 23 janvier 2014

EUGENIE "GENIE" Bouchard - Tennis champion ...

Bernard Bujold ( ) - 
The young tennis champion 19 years, Eugenie ( Genie ) Bouchard, lost his semifinal match at the tennis tournament in Melbourne, Australia. 
Her journey is greatly reminiscent of that of another young champion Canadian Milos Raonic (23 years), who had pointed out last summer in Montreal ( August 2013 ) when he played, but lost, in the final against champion Rafael Nadal. Raonic is now ranked 11th in the world rankings. 
Regarding Eugenie Bouchard, the end is not known. The athlete can play a great tennis, she is not nervous under the pressure and she is nice to her fans which is making her a friendly and popular star. She even has her own fan club, GENIE ARMY... 
Eugenie Bouchard is currently 31st in the world rankings. 
To be continued...
Photo 1,2 and 3 : Eugenie Bouchard , Melbourne Australia ;
Photo 4: Milos Raonic and Rafael Nadal ( August 2013 - Montreal ) ;
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