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The story of a Website -

It was March 14, 2005 ...
Story of an Internet magazine - Happy Birthday

The Internet magazine was founded on March 14, 2005, first published in the form of email and newsletter and since January 2, 2010 under a new format of communication while the stories and blogs editorials are broadcast exclusively from social websites and on the official website was inspired by various communicators that I had the chance to know or with whom I worked and the first was Sir Richard Branson, owner of Virgin. Branson knows Canada well and he is behind the magazine Indeed, this project was created in order to make a presentation to him in London in March 2005. The presentation was not successful but the project has become a web magazine, an news website funded by some local investor-patrons.
The site now includes, in 2012, several satellite sites and is affiliated with many social sites. The e-mail newsletter published weekly from March 2005 until January 2010 was distributed to a list of over 70, 000 addresses. However, since January 2010, the official website is the platform of residence for all activities
The use of electronic e-mail was essential at the start to familiarize the public with the magazine but the Internet evolution has ensured that the email has become less effective because increase of traffic on our permanent sites and habits from the Internet users.
However, our decision in January 2010 was primarily economic because we had to consider the financial aspect of our internet vehicle. had always wanted to establish a convergence with a major media company rather than independent action. Unfortunately, our quest for financial partnership had not been successful and no major negotiations had ended positively, nor in French (France and Quebec) nor in English (U.S.). Several small local media groups have often proposed to use our list of entries (70,000 email addresses / email) from time to time for advertising purposes but no serious contribution was neither offered nor available for long-term development as we envisaged for
To achieve a profitable Internet project, it is mandatory to have a financial convergence between the message, the vehicle and consumer products. Thus, it is useless to spread a message that does not contribute in any way to cause an economic action from the audience. Believe in the free product is unfortunately a utopia, whether you are a media or a commercial enterprise. And we believe only a major media company has the financial resources and influence necessary to achieve this effective convergence between the message, the vehicle and products.
So we decided to continue the adventure in the form of an opinion blog using a multitude of social vehicles for wider dissemination. If media wants to inform its public and its subscribers, it must have the means of its ambitions. For this reason, we decided to continue our efforts in Information and opinions on a formula exclusively public by partnering with various social sites. This formula requires less time and can be defined as, according to the English term, "low-maintenance".
It should be emphasized that all media companies are also in the radical restructuring either in Quebec, the United States or in France and the future of no group is financially guaranteed. In Montreal, La Presse has almost permanently ceased operations in December 2009 due to serious financial difficulties and it has eliminated its Sunday edition while Le Journal de Montreal was endangered in 2010 because of the lockout of employees (2009) and that the obstacle to settlement was a financial issue. Moreover, the excellent site Rue Frontenac created by employees locked out from Le Journal de Montreal has faced the same problems as at the level of profitability despite its widespread popularity. In the U.S., several major newspapers including The New York Times laying off employees in its newsroom to reduce operating costs and the situation is the same in France.
Note that social sites are also trying their case formula but have the advantage of being in the moment of large entities with a wider than radiation. Their power facilitates our efforts.
We present below a link to our official website as well as links to our other sites within the major social networks, in French and English, from Facebook to Wordpress, Google Blogs, Flickr, Twitter, Google +, etc..
Note that communication parcourriel / e-mail subscribers will always be performed from time to time since we have a database that is kept active but its use is only for unusual events.
In a sense, the history of somewhat resembles that of the novel Millennium but much less dramatic ... Our project was launched in 2005 by a small group of enthusiasts of journalism, photography and Internet technologies. The aim was to partner with the financial Richard Branson of Virgin. (See page team) At first, there was an expert on the Internet (a kind of Lisbeth Salender), a journalist and former manager of Quebecor (a sort of Mikael Blomkvist who I look like a way), a professional management in public relations (a kind of Erika Berger what Miss X) and also a businessman retired (sort of Henrik Vanger), very rich, who wanted to demonstrate the truth about a great historical event using the method whose journalistic forum The businessman died in 2008, the computer expert is gone and the team has changed and continue each and every one his way. Today in 2012, three partners continue the adventure
Thank you and hope to continue our discussions in large numbers on the Internet.
Bernard Bujold - Creator of the concept - March 14, 2012
Photo 1: Bernard Bujold and mascots;
Photo 2: Some team members since 2005 and some of the people that inspired the concept
Photo 3: Miss X and mascots
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