mardi 13 mars 2012

HISTORY OF STUDENTS AND HORSES -Increase of tuition fees in Quebec

Quebec students are strongly opposed to the fee increases in education proposed by Prime Minister Jean Charest and they (the students) express it aloud.
Bernard Bujold ( attended an manifestation as observer.
"I am in favor of immediately freeze tuition fees! According to me, university education should be free for all! I also love street protests (my soul with Anderson Cooper...) and I love especially horses.
The event by the student was very enjoyable because I was awarded the piece of red cloth ( sign of students against increases) and I saw my old friends, the cavalry horses of the Montreal police, horses that I've had the pleasure to ride a few times in the past... Great memories of another life!"
Here are some photos from the student event taken by Bernard Bujold downtown Montreal.

Photo 1: Demonstration of students;
Photo 2:; Bernard Bujold and the cavalry of the Montreal Police;
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