vendredi 16 mars 2012

The future of the killer Dr. Guy Turcotte

The case of the killer Dr. Guy Turcotte is on the verge of a new settlement with the awarding of freedom possible in the latter. We can make a connection with the murders of Mohammad Shafia and even with Roch Theriault.
The media are talking much about the reactions from the ex-wife of Turcotte, Dr. Isabelle Gaston, but few questioned the public's reaction when Guy Turcotte will be meet in the street...
If Vincent Lacroix and Guy Cloutier have become pariahs for crimes far less serious, what shall it be with a Guy Turcotte in freedom?
Stay tuned!

Photo 1: Dr. Guy Turcotte, Mohammad Shafia and Roch Theriault;
Photo 2: Dr. Isabelle Gaston;
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