lundi 19 septembre 2011

Nelly Arcan and her souvenir...

Nelly Arcan souvenir is ever present in the collective memory while the case of Guy A. Lepage and his show "Tout le monde en parle" are indirectly accused of causing the suicide of the writer.
Bernard Bujold had photographed Nelly in November 2001 while she began her career and published his first novel Putain. According to Bernard Bujold:" Nelly was a very pleasant but I felt a fear in her to meet people. As a lack of confidence probably due to bad relations that she had with some people who had disappointed or betrayed her.
Personally, I do not think the only reason for her suicide is the insults and mockery of Guy A. Lepage but a set of insults and jeers from several sources. In addition, regarding Tout le Monde en Parle, everyone knows that this is not a serious program then one do not commit suicide for it... In my case, I stopped listening to it seriously since the first program where I found the lack of rigor when they had ridiculed the guest Rael by pulling his hair ...
Tout le Monde en Parle is a show of humor and provocation, nothing more ".
Here is the photo album of Nelly Arcan. (November 21, 2001)
Picture 1: Nelly Arcan and Bernard Bujold ;
Picture 2 and 3: Nelly Arcan ;

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