vendredi 30 septembre 2011

Jacques Duchesneau and modesty

The story of Jacques Duchesneau is reminiscent of John Gomery.
In both cases, the two men are right in their arguments but they also like too much the glory of the moment.
Justice John Gomery enjoyed meeting the press after hearings and Jacques Duchesneau loves even more cameras.
A little modesty would make the debate more seriously!
One difference: Jean Charest is slower than Paul Martin in its reaction ...
You have to read the interview in La Presse (Friday, September 30) with the former police chief Jacques Duchesneau.
He directly accused the journalists of TVA and the Journal de Montreal.
Duchesneau said he wants to resign and he even recommends Gomery to take his place!
One fact funny but disturbing for a former police officer: the interview took place at 10 pm by car during the return from Quebec to Montreal. Duchesneau drives his car quickly and, repeatedly, he uses his cell phone in one hand.
Is not it illegal to drive with one hand and holding his cell phone on the other ... Quickly a ticket!

Photo 1: Jacques Duchesneau, Jean Charest, John Gomery and Paul Martin;
Photo 2: Jacques Duchesneau National Assembly;

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