jeudi 22 septembre 2011

The Serial Killers and Nadia Fezzani

With the execution of Troy David and impending death from cancer of Clifford Olson, the subject of violent killers is more than ever to the fore.
Montreal journalist Nadia Fezzani has published a book: MES TUEURS EN SÉRIE.
The journalist reminds the character of Emily Prentiss in Criminal Minds except that the story of Nadia Fezzani is true and she has contacted more than 80 killers in prison (men and women) and she wrote the story of 10 of them .
The goal is to better understand the killers and to eliminate them from society.
If there is one conclusion: killers are not born but become killer following the injustices suffered during childhood or during adolescence.
Picture 1: Nadia Fezzani and her book ;
Picture 2: Emily Prentiss from Criminal Minds ;

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