jeudi 5 mai 2011

The story of Dr Guy Turcotte - Desperate Housewives

One of the worst tragedies to occur in Quebec could be mistaken with the madness of the television series Desperate Housewives.
The wife of a doctor (Guy Turcotte) falls in love with her sports coach who is also, with his wife, the best friend and coach of the husband. The two couples attend many activities together and share the same vacation trips. The wife of the coach, who is also a coach at the same gym, however discovered the situation and she expressed it to the husband who knew nothing. His wife is a doctor and she works in the same hospital as her husband.
The doctor cuckold decided to retaliate by striking the lover in the face and then, to punish his wife, he commits the murder of their two children. He then tries to commit suicide with car washer but without success.
The trial of Dr. Guy Turcotte is taking place in Montreal.
Photo 1: Dr. Guy Turcotte;
Photo 2: Dr. Isabelle Gaston's wife and her lover Martin Huot;
Photo 3: House of Dr. Turcotte;
Photo 4: Actresses from the series Desperate Housewives;
See trial report (part 1) ;
See trial report (part 2) ;

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