mercredi 11 mai 2011

Family stories from Richard Branson to Arnold Scharzenegger and up to Dr. Guy Turcotte...

Parents often put high expectations of achievement in the fate of their children but it is the failure that is at the meeting place.
In contrast, when sometimes all the clues seem to indicate a failure, is the exceptional success.
The history of the family of Richard Branson is a success story out standard despite a poor start while the fate of Dr. Guy Turcotte is also exceptional but on the side of the tragedy even so if all indices at the starting were favorable.
And there are successes, like the marriage of Arnold Schwarzenegger which last for 25 years but end in simple failure without any tragedy.
Those stories are the proof that the future is rarely predictable ...
Photo 1: Arnold Schwarzenegger;
Photo 2: Richard Branson and his parents;
Photo 3: The parents of Dr. Guy Turcotte;
Photo 4: Dr. Guy Turcotte and his wife;

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