mercredi 4 mai 2011

The raid bin Laden

The capture of bin Laden is a real action novel in which new details unveiled by Washington day after day only make the story even more exciting and worthy of the best moments of the series Jack Bauer!
President Barack Obama gave an exclusive interview on 60 Minutes on CBS that will be on air in full Sunday, May 8. The U.S. president is refusing to publish photographs of bin Laden dead, but certain images begin to circulate on the Internet. The question remains: Are these photos authentic?
This picture above would be that of bin Laden on the U.S. ship at sea before the funeral ceremony.
Photo 1 and 2: Barack Obama;
Photo 3: Illustration of the house bin Laden;
Photo 4: House of bin Laden;
Photo 5: Bin Laden death on the US Ship ;
See story CBS 60 Minutes ;
See story The New York Times ;

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