mardi 5 avril 2011

The murderer of Marie Trintignant will not come at the theater in Montreal

Bertrand Cantat has announced its withdrawal from the play on which he was to participate! It is a straw fire that goes ...
The murderer of Marie Trintignant wanted to play on the stage of Théâtre du Nouveau Monde (TNM) in Montreal in May 2012.
The announcement of this news was received by outrage and anger has gripped on the Internet and in media in Canada and Europe. The question that arises is the right of Bertrand Cantat to sing on stage. Is the audience going to appreciate and applaud Cantat in a piece on women when he violently killed his female companion?
Columnist Stéphane Laporte (La Presse) summarizes the situation best: "But is that the link between artist and audience does not go beyond a link of service between any other worker and client? The artist, who reinvents the life, by killing his neighbor, he kills the artist in him, at the same time? "
Moreover, according to the Canadian Immigration Law, Cantat is not eligible for entry into Canada ...
Photo 1: Marie Trintignant ;
Photo 2: Bertrand Cantat;
Photo3: Théâtre du Nouveau Monde in Montreal ;
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