mardi 12 avril 2011

Election 2011 in Canada - The debates

Michael Ignatieff has not been able to beat Stephen Harper during the two debates among Canadian political party leaders.
The cards on the table were somewhat similar to those existing between Brian Mulroney and John Turner in 1984 when Turner was leading in the polls as Stephen Harper is presently doing. Many observers generally agreed that the only way to dislodge Stephen Harper would have been a victory by Ignatieff during the debate as did Mulroney against Turner. This stunt, however, did not happen in 2011, neither in English nor in French.
This is a failure because it will cost $ 300 million in election costs for probably another minority government at the election on 2 May. However, a surprise could come from the party of Jack Layton, who has performed very well during the two debates and he could have convinced undecided voters to vote for its candidates.
According to recent polls (14 April), the Conservatives lead with about 38.7% in voting intentions, the Liberals 28.8%, NDP 18.6%, Bloc 9% and the Green Party 3,7%.

Picture 1:The four leaders before the debate ;
Picture 2: John Turner and Brian Mulroney - Debate 1984 ;
Picture 3: Television studio for English debate 2011 in Ottawa ;

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