samedi 23 avril 2011

Jack Layton in action...

Jack Layton has the wind in the sails at the end of electoral campaign 2011. Obviously he can not become Prime Minister on the May 2 election but he can easily become the Opposition Leader with about 60 members against 200 for Stephen Harper. Other parties (Liberal and Bloc) would share the remaining 48 seats for the total of 308.
Rumor has it that serious negotiations are underway between the Party of Layton (NDP) and the Liberal Party to merge the two organizations. Jack Layton would become the leader of new party. It is claimed that it is Jean Chretien who negotiates.
The photos in this album were taken by Bernard Bujold, who attended as an observer at Jack Layton's speech delivered Saturday, April 23 in the afternoon at Olympia Theatre in Montreal.
Picture 1 and 2: Jack Layton
See Photo Album "Jack Layton in action" ;

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