vendredi 25 mars 2011

Spring 2011 and Stephen Harper's Federal Election

The Conservative government of Stephen Harper fell on Friday afternoon and the Canadian Prime Minister went to the Governor General last Saturday morning, March 26. Elections will be held on Monday, May 2.
According to polls, Stephen Harper's Conservatives lead 43% against 24% for Liberal of Michael Ignatieff.
Here is the distribution of deputies according to the last Canadian 2008 election.
Conservatives 143
Liberals: 77
Block: 49
NDP: 37
Independents: 2
Vacant: 3
Total 308
Earnings of 12 seats by the Conservatives and is the majority (155).
Stay tuned!
Picture 1: Parliament Building in Ottawa;
Photo 2 and 3: Stephen Harper at the piano ;
Photo 4: Laureen Harper on her motorcycle ;
See poll on next election ;
See story on the composition of actual House of Deputies ;

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