vendredi 4 mars 2011

Raymond Malenfant had no fear...

The businessman and hotelier Raymond Malenfant had a quality: he was not afraid!
Fiction television series currently broadcast on cable tv Serial + is quite close to the reality of the character.
Bernard Bujold known Raymond Malenfant and his wife:
"I first met Raymond in 1993, while businessmen in Quebec had contacted Pierre Péladeau for him to join a group of creditors who wanted to testify against Malenfant in the bankruptcy case.
Peladeau had categorically refused, saying: 'I never strikes a man who is down on the ground." Besides Péladeau tried unsuccessfully to help Malenfant help in 1991 when financial problems started at Manor of Charlevoix.
Personally I then meet Malenfant and his wife in 2004 when they had just published their biography. We had the same publisher (Trait d'Union with Pierre Turgeon) and the Malenfant wanted to get paid their book royalties ...
I kept in touch with the couple a few years and then it was forgotten.
The TV series is wonderful and it seems pretty close to the couple Malenfant that I briefly had the pleasure of knowing. "
Photo 1: Raymond Malenfant and his wife Colette (The Press);
Photo 2: The actors Luc Picard (Raymond Malenfant) and Julie McClemens (Colette);
Photo 3: Luc Picard
See official website of the show Serial + ;

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