mercredi 16 mars 2011

Josélito Michaud and his new book...

Josélito Michaud was first known as the manager of singer Isabelle Boulay and then became a successful TV host with "On prend toujours un train pour la vie" (Radio-Canada) and now he is a successful writer.
The creator of, Bernard Bujold, knows Josélito since the early 1990s.
"The first impression always influences what we think of someone. Josélito and I met during my first day as executive assistant to the press magnate Pierre Péladeau 1925-1997 (Quebecor).
The latter asked me to accompany him to a production meeting of the magazine LE LUNDI and upon arriving in the magazine's newsroom, he insulted Josélito who was then the editor. Peladeau claimed that the story ideas suggested by Michaud were completely stupid and he added that Josélito also was stupid...
Josélito left the magazine in the following weeks.
This first encounter always influenced my look on Josélito Michaud even when he had become a successful manager with Isabelle Boulay.
However with hindsight, we must admit, beyond any doubt, that Josélito Michaud had and still has an immense talent. Péladeau was wrong because he had before him as an employee, an excellent entertainment journalist, an artist manager of talent, a great TV and Radio host and a writer of best seller.
The new novel by Josélito Michaud tell the story of a child and I was not surprised to read about a child unloved, misunderstood and persecuted but who managed to deceive his opponents when the become adult.
Spread the word: Josélito Michaud is an exceptional person and his new novel is a moving story. It is a book to read and to make other people to read! A book that shows you should never judge a person on the impressions of someone else but that, instead, know his history and then judge if necessary. As Bill Clinton said in his memoirs: Everyone has a story and that's the real explanation for everyone's life. "
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