lundi 14 septembre 2009

The courage of Barack Obama

The President of the United States Barack Obama is probably the most popular man around the world except in his own country ...
In fact, Obama would receive up to 30 death threats daily and a American religious pastor from Arizona (white - married with five young children) has even publicly called from his pulpit faithful to pray with him so that Obama dies and goes to hell! (See newspaper article link below)
This unpopularity may be explained by the fact that if the President's rating is almost unanimous in most countries, in the United States it is mathematically only 25%. Indeed, it must be remembered that in the last presidential election, Republicans and Democrats were nose to nose (50% -50%). If we count only in the Democratic Party, Obama was also face to face with Hillary Clinton. Result, it gives him only 25% support against 75% opposition.
Barack Obama is the most fascinating politician that we currently have on the planet. His leadership style reminds me of Commander Jean-Luc Picard of the Star Trek series.
In practical terms, when compared with U.S. adversaries, whether Hillary Clinton or John McCain, he emerges as the truest and most devoted to the betterment of his countrymen. Elsewhere in the world, no Head of state does its level of dedication either in Canada (all parties), in Quebec or even in France with Nicolas Sarkozy, who was nevertheless very promising during its election.
Barack Obama said he did not want to retreat, even to the risk of offending and making enemies. He defends its programs, including health care, and he is ready to assume the damage this will have on his political popularity. The question which arises: Does the Americans will support him or they will abandon in favor of more traditional politicians? Do not forget that the American people are very conservative and very far from the social democratic values advocated by Barack Obama.
You can make a connection between Obama and former President John F. Kennedy. Besides the friendship between Ted Kennedy and Barack was a sign of bending to the left of these three politicians. Americans mourned John F. Kennedy but it remains that he was murdered ...
It is hoped that President Obama succeed in imposing his ideas for reform. It is also hoped that violence does not take the place of democracy. On this plan, fortunately, the U.S. security services are efficient and alert. (See book "In the President's Secret Service") supports the U.S. President and we offer him a mention of excellence in the gallery The Best 2009.
Bernard Bujold
Link to The White House
Photo 1: Barack Obama in front of the Congress
Photo 2: Book cover on the security of the President
Photo 3: Commandant Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek

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