mardi 4 août 2009

The value of money - Financial scandals

The many financial scandals give rise to all sorts of debates about the value of money in society and its importance in life. Some of the recent victims of fraud have suggested that the court punish the perpetrators severely as they would for the perpetrator of a crime of murder! Other victims, more lenient, suggested over the radio that we should send fraudsters to work in municipal arenas to wash toilets, and as audience, the victims on the spot who observe ... (this treatment is similar to that applied to prisoners in Iran - see Internet The New York Times)
For victims of financial loss, being without money is obviously a very serious, dramatic and difficult to live. But this situation is not comparable to the gravity of being the victim of a murderer.
The first reason is that the victim of a murder has not decided to submit to his killer as the victims of fraud has accepted on his own to entrust his assets (money) to the fraudster. The victim could have refused the offer but hoped to make a profit and took the risk. Responsibility for the failure is for this reason, shared between the fraudster and the defrauded and punishment of the guilty cannot be the same as for murder.
Also, if I may give advice to victims of fraud, in order to encourage and offer my compassion, one should ask himself the following question: "If you had to be the victim of a tragedy and that the destiny will allow us to choose, which would be better? The loss of all its property, or death by a violent crime or an incurable disease? "
We must never lose sight that something bad as a material lost will be reduced in importance within a few months and that life will require us to address new priorities. But the victim of death or severe illness has no longer any hope of returning!
Resilience is a human gift and I admire the people who are able to resume their lives in hand after a serious failure or a dramatic event. Unfortunately, not all are able to do so but it is the only logical and constructive action. Not to be resilient to life's events is equivalent to being a living dead.
Faced with obstacles and the setbacks of life there is no other option but to stand up and continue on the path of everyday life. As long as there is life, there is hope, even without money!
Bernard Bujold
Note: At the rate that discoveries of frauds is going, very soon it will be the exception to the rule of not being a victim ... Better begin to mentally prepare ourself!
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Photo 1: Jérôme Kerviel - Société Générale
Photo 2: Vicent Lacroix, Eal Jones et Bernard Madoff

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