lundi 10 août 2009

The real Bill Clinton

The former president of the United States Bill Clinton is the star of the hour! He is almost as popular as Barack Obama and a lot more than his own wife Hillary, who he is continually shading!
His popularity is not surprising in itself because politicians are often better appreciated once they leave office. But beyond that reaction, who is really Bill Clinton?
Anyone who has read his autobiography (memoirs) remembers the introduction where Bill said that he is not as good as claimed by his best friends, nor all bad as its worst enemies are saying ...
The real Bill Clinton is an American guy who likes to seduce and has above all a capacity for resilience above the average. This is a feature for which he is well aware of, as his friends even nicknamed him Humpty Dumpty in his debut in politics for his ability to always bounce back after a failure or to an obstacle.
The real Bill Clinton, despite his image of lightness, is also deeply spiritual. He is always very sensitive to the misery of others and considers that everyone has his personal story, made up of joys and woes, and that this history is responsible for the qualities and faults of a person. One should never judge but try to understand the actions and behavior of others!
Clinton has a great passion for music, especially saxophone. However, he preferred politics because he realized one day that he was a good sax player but not a great one! For against, it found that he had a talent for convincing others of his ideas. He abandoned his dream of becoming a musician to fully realize the talent he possessed. He became the 42nd President of the United States!
With hindsight, his path is somewhat unique and we realize now that the economy was better under his leadership than during the mandate of other presidents.
He left the presidency with heavy personal debts and an image tarnished by the Lewinsky scandal, but with hard work he managed to recover and restore his reputation while earning a financial fortune. The path and the courage of Bill Clinton is admirable and we commend him for his contribution to world history and modern American politics.
I met him twice to photograph him (see site) and each time I was impressed by the simplicity of his character despite its great importance. award him a mention in The Best in 2009 for his contribution to improving the world of politics.
Bernard Bujold -
Photo 1: Bill Clinton and Kim Jon-il
Photo 2: Bill Clinton (Photo by Bernard Bujold)

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