lundi 24 août 2009

The new season is here!

For me the return of autumn has always been the opportunity to make some kind of cleaning household in my personal effects to fully start the new season and be better open to opportunities and discoveries.
But since I am living in a building with multiple dwellings, I must live at the same rhythm than my neighbors with whom I share more closely the everyday life than if I was living in a country house. For some, the annual cleaning is not seasonal and it takes place throughout the year.
So, each week I'm always surprised by the incredible amounts of objects that are found in bins or common areas of the building or lay on the bench near the elevator in the garage.
Sometimes furniture or electronics, books, and often clothes and new shoes that have never been worn by their owners. And since I do not live a low-cost housing, you imagine the "quality" of abandoned objects.
My latest discovery was 6 large cardboard boxes with inside hundreds of music CDs with cover. Not just any! Entire collection of original records by Charles Aznavour (reissued on CD), 5 or 6 Celine Dion, Joe Dassin, Françoise Hardy, Pavarotti and numerous recordings of classical concerts or operas. I picked up Aznavour and Hardy, and I left the rest of the CD for my other neighbors...
I, however, questioned myself at length if not with sadness, about the fate of the CDs. Why the owner had abandoned it for scrap? Was he dead? Had he changed his musical tastes! Was there lack ofspace? Had he moved? The boxes contained a full life of a person and his love of music.
I will never know because the next day the boxes were gone ...
I too often abandon objects on the bench in the garage. Books that I read, magazines that I do not want to keep, decorative objects that I want no more. Is the tradition in large apartment buildings that we leave things near the elevator in the parking lot to benefit its neighbors.
But if there is a question to ask: Why did we originally purchased the product that we abandon? Why put so much effort to collect full sets of discs and abandon them the next morning?
Life is a passage like the seasons, nothing lasts. I guess that we must accept this reality and not worry about seeing all these material things abandoned, if not lower our own efforts to own and collect things.
A wise man once said: "We will not bring our possessions in paradise. Sometimes we do not even keep then for a full season ..."
Have a nice autumn!
Bernard Bujold
PS Thanks to the neighbor who gave me his Monte Cristo cigars. He did not want them any more...

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