lundi 27 avril 2009

The modern crimes

The police in Quebec is very proud of their recent arrests of a hundred criminals belonging to motorcycle gangs like the Hells Angels. But in fact, this action is a very superficial cleaning and unfortunately more serious dangers are still at large.
One might compare the recent arrests to a scraping of the leaves or mowing grass. The outlaws arrested were very predictable because their activities are normally held in a specific sector. Simply identify the sector and to avoid it make you to be more or less safe. Police have not made their arrests following a "discovery" but rather by the preparation of legal proof.
The most dangerous criminals, however, are those who are unknown and whose activities are only detected after the event.
Those crimes are mainly of two kinds: those economic and terrorism. On the economic front, Bernard Madoff and Vincent Lacroix are among the most damaging because they are often put on a pedestal and it never occurs to us that they are the author of any wrongdoing. In terms of terrorism, the worst event was undoubtedly the September 11, 2001 but there have been several others since, some international in scope and other more localized. The shootings at Dawson or Columbine are not acts of terrorism as such but their unpredictability makes these events just as dangerous to society as the wars of religion or political conflicts. And what about crime as the murder in Rivière-Ouelle of a young political assistant by a resident of the village ? Less significant than a shooting spreebut just as incredible and dramatic.
The real challenge for police is to fight against all these unpredictable crimes. Is this possible? Fans of Jack Bauer knows that the fight against terrorism is a battle reaction rather than prevention. How to guard against an act which does not exist until his doing. The former director of aviation safety in Canada and former Police Chief of Montreal, Jacques Duchesneau, has confessed: terrorists have an edge. They are like a virus changing before the obstacles and you never know what direction they will attack. The authority must always try to play one move ahead.
A new book on military technology has also demonstrated that the protection of society is about to cross another border with the arrival of the war by remote robotics and computers. How to kill a soldier who is a robot? Reality has joined the science-fiction and it became possible for an army (friendly or enemy) to be composed of robots such as the famous white soldiers in Star War ... Some airplanes and helicopters from the U.S. Army are already remotely controlled at distance safely behind enemy lines.
There is only one solution against the war and crime and it is the instinct survival. The challenge has never been so high and difficult to win! That is why we must continue the battle because the victory is not there yet. As Jack Bauer would say, the enemy is not always the one we believed ...
Bernard Bujold
Photo 1: Don Corleone ( Le Parrain 1)
Photo 2: Couverture du livre Wired for War - Jack Bauer

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