mardi 21 avril 2009

The future of the Media - The State of the News Media 2009

The future of the media belongs to the people!
It's a bit like at the time of Marie Antoinette, while the peasants had invaded the palace of Versailles! Starvation (economic crisis) was the trigger for the rebellion. Today, in terms of modern media, the economic crisis is also at the center of the revolution.
A few years ago, none of the major media did take seriously the Internet and everyone felt very solid behind the doors of the palace. is the example and when the project was started in 2005, very few large media groups did have a website with a few exceptions such as Le Devoir in Quebec. team had approached leaders of several media groups to try to collaborate and develop the territory. Most have responded that the Internet would not survive and that they were not interested in an association. At the level of journalists, it was the same reaction and the leaders of the Quebec Federation of professional journalists were the first (and rare) to ask to be removed from the mailing list of our Internet magazine... They saw the Internet as a game for amateurs!
Today in 2009, all media groups and journalists have jumped on board the Internet train, and they have developed similar sites to the one that we proposed and several professional journalists started individual blogs.
The emperors and their court understood now but is it too late for them?
The economic crisis has change the game plan of the mainstream media who had not expected that the economy would collapse and that the free Internet would appeal to citizens to the point of no return. The consequence is of course the closure of media and the dismissal of professional journalists. It's roughly the conclusion of the annual report: The State of the News Media 2009. From U.S. President Barack Obama to the singer Susan Boyle, the Internet has become their passeport to the glory and power, without being dependent of media groups and journalists.
As the artists from the Star Academy sing: "It's not finished, there is only the beginning ..."
Bernard Bujold -
Picture 1: Nicolas Sarkozy and Barack Obama in Strasbourg - France
(Picture by Pete Souza - The White House)
Picture 2: Susan Boyle
Picture 3: The State of the News Media 2009

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