mardi 14 avril 2009

The art of seduction

Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are now more popular than anyone anywhere in the world! No star, from Brad Pitt to Bono, or any other public figures, like Nicolas Sarkozy or the Dalai Lama, can compete with Obama.
Why this phenomenon? Barack Obama has still done nothing except to win the U.S. presidential election and even then it was a very divided because we must not forget that his opponents, both Hillary Clinton and John McCain, were very close. If we make the addition and we remove the 50% in favor of McCain and the 50% in favor of Hillary, it remains a total of 25% in favor Obama. In fact, this is what happens because if the U.S. President is considered a star anywhere in the world, he is less so in his own country and we see that more and more Americans are beginning to criticize their leader. It remains, however, that anywhere else on the planet, Barack Obama is like a god. You should have seen the G-20 to note that all other heads of state were seduced by the popularity of the first black U.S. president.
Charisma is never explainable, and Barack Obama is the proof. We can compare that situation with the one of Brian Mulroney and Mila in 1984. The Canadian couple was like two rock stars. Everywhere, where Brian and Mila were going , people gathered and they wanted to welcome the beautiful Mila and the dynamic Brian. The outcome of the election had confirmed this popularity and the Conservative Party won 212 districts on the 282 seats, an almost complete sweep across the country. I remember the moods in Ottawa when I was a communications assistant for Brian. People across the country admired us and they were all saying that we were lucky to be with a "winner" of the quality of Mulroney. He was the Barack Obama of the time! To understand the power of charisma and its effect on people, one can also look at the situation in the Catholic Church. Pope John Paul II was adored and was even nicknamed "JP2". His current successor, Benedict XVI is the opposite and his friction with the public only accelerate. For exemple: the declaration against condoms in Africa, the excommunication in Brazil and now the event of L'Aquila where some criticize his decision not to have visited the scene of the tragedy during the Easter holiday. The pope probably have very good reasons for all decisions, but the point is that the world is run by the charisma and people want to be inspired by leaders who demonstrate some sort of winning but more important, we must love and be seduced by them. The dividing line is sometimes very thin or even invisible.
The pilot in New York (Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger), the captain held hostage on the Indian Ocean (Richard Phillips), Ingrid Betancourt in Colombia, etc. Those are some of the people who have charisma, and often despite themselves. The conclusion: you cannot choose to be a leader. The fate, events and love choose us! Congratulations to the selected and good luck to the aspiring
Bernard Bujold -
Photo 1: Barack Obama, Elizabeth II et Michelle Obama;
Photo 2: Brian Mulroney et le livre Blue Thinder;
Photo 3: Pape Benoit XVI et Fontaine de l'Aquila;
Photo 4: Le chien BO et Barack Obama.

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