mardi 9 mai 2017


By Bernard Bujold- 
A new book: NELLY ARCAN- TRAJECTOIRES FULGURANTES is in bookstores. The book is an analysis by experts about Nelly and her literary work. 
This book will be of interest to those who like to reflect on the work of Quebec writers and on the subject of women in society. The texts are captivating and have nothing of the gossip. In other words, a serious but very easy to read book. 
Personally, I love the cover page... 
The reason: I took the picture of Nelly. It was in 2001! 
There is an anecdote with this picture, which I have never told anyone, but which is directly related to one of the themes of the book: feminine beauty! 
I photographed Nelly as a journalist during a "signing-conference" evening presented at a Montreal bookstore for her first book PUTAIN. 
One or two weeks later I had seen Nelly again at the Montreal Book Fair and I had handed her a double of the photo series in person. The first reaction of Nelly, seeing the photos was to criticize me, kindly but with a serious look, for the shadows of the flash on her face... 
It was before digital and Photoshop! 
I was somewhat upset and surprised by her reaction, but in hindsight, I understand now that it reflects the importance that she imposed on herself on her image and her feminine beauty. 
I never saw Nelly Arcan again and, after the publishing of my story, I forgot the pictures in a drawer until September 24, 2009, at the announcement of her suicide... 
Nelly Arcan was a generous person and had been very easy to access and available during our two meetings. 
I had a moment of sadness when I learned of her death and I am very proud that it is one of my photos that is on the cover of the book analyzing her work. 
Good reading! 

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