jeudi 11 mai 2017


By Bernard Bujold-
The Beaudoin family, which owns 53% of Bombardier's voting rights, has agreed to reduce the duties of son Pierre Beaudoin but he will remain chairman of the board... 
The Annual Meeting was held in Dorval on Thursday, May 11, 2017 and in spite of the violent criticism in the media before the Assembly, several participants congratulated the Beaudoin family, particularly Laurent Beaudoin, for what he has done with Bombardier over the last thirty years. 
Laurent Beaudoin, is a leader like Paul Desmarais, Pierre Péladeau, Jean Coutu and André Chagnon. They are part of a generation of Quebec entrepreneurs who have become a public figure model of an era. They are admired by the people like a sport professional athlete... 
The various proposals presented to the Meeting for voting were accepted or rejected as desired by the Board of Directors in an average proportion of more than 90%, including the election of the new Board of Directors... 
The rumor is circulating about serious discussions between Bombardier and Siemens for a merger. Bombardier management refused to comment on these rumors. 
To be continued! 

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