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By Bernard Bujold ( - 
Ottawa shooting highlights more than ever the parallel existence of evil with good. 
Late Tuesday afternoon, October 21, 2014, following the efforts by the former journalist Roger Sylvain and the distribution Friday, October 18 of a letter-press release, the Brebeuf College confirmed that he had done wrong and offered to rehire Professor Jacqueline Laurent Auger fired for making movies naked in 1960. All the Quebec media have recognized the fault of the college and if there is a hero in this story it is that Roger Sylvain because of his goodness and greatness of soul as he had taken the case in hand and launched a cry for help to his friends journalists. Something he has also done very often in the past for other artists he considered to be in a moral, financial or physical need. One could say that the event at Brébeuf had very little importance in the world and this is absolutely true, but this small gesture became great later when all of Quebec began to morally support the Professor. For the space of a weekend, the spirit of good dominated in the minds of Quebecers. 
The day after the conclusion of this small gesture of Roger Sylvain, Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014, the Ottawa gunman killed a soldier by firing two bullets in his back and then attacked the Parliament of Canada to be shot by the Sergeant-at-Arms during the shooting in the lobby. This event was bigger than the one at Brébeuf but with the same result. The feeling of the event (this time the feeling of evil) lived in the mind of an entire population, all around in North American if not all around the world. 
The obvious conclusion is that Rogers Sylvain represent the forces of good while the crazy killer represent the forces of evil. But what is less obvious is how to recognize the forces of good from those evil before the action take place? The question is impossible to answer and you just have to hope that the "forces of good" will eventually overcome the"forces of evil". 
The society of today has become very large and universal. There are no more borders because of the internet and communications are thereby been rendered democratic more than ever in history. If once we could physically identify the different political or religious ideologies by country and people, this is no longer true today. But do not mistake either. It was not easy to handle the good and evil in the last century. The history books show us that even a Hitler, in a very low-tech era when communication was by radio and print newspapers, had several allies who saw him as a kind of economic savior of Germany. His autobiography Mein Kampf published in 1926 was a best seller in many countries of the world and the number of copies distributed is estimated at 10 million. One may wonder what Hitler would have done that if he had lived with the Internet as a tool... 
It took the war for the forces of good to take over over and after 1945 the world was able to live a few years of peaceful life. But it did not last because there was then the Vietnam War and many other wars and tragedies like the September 11, 2001. The evil has often taken the role of leader of the struggle. 
The conclusion is that good and evil have always co-existed and always will co-exist. One day, the good dominates while another day it is evil. You just can hope that your individual destiny is more privileged by the gods of good and one must make every effort to recognize and encourage the "angels of good" as Roger Sylvain, Kevin Vickers (Sergeant-at-Arms of the Canadian Parliament) and other individuals like them when we have the chance to discover their existence. 
For the "angels of evil",  beware of them!
Photo 1: Entrance to the Canadian Parliament;
Photo 2: Adolph Hitler and his autobiography Mein Kampf;
Photo 3: Kenvin Vickers and Roger Sylvain; 
Photo 4: Backpack the murdered soldier Nathan Cirillo;
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