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The small city of Jerusalem covers an area of just 200 square kilometers, has just under a million people and it is not particularly pretty because it is no more or less old ruined walls with old buildings installed on a large rock. Jerusalem, however, is considered the center of the world at the religious and historical level, in addition to being the emotional stakes of this war between Palestine and Israel. 
The foundation of the city dates from about 5000 years B.C. and would have been completely destroyed twice, invaded 23 times, attacked 52 times and to be captured and recaptured by the various armies in history. For geographic comparison, a city like Quebec, founded in 1608 (404 years), has an area of 454 sq km for a little over 500,000 inhabitants. Twice the territory and half the population. 
The Montreal Science Centre has managed a very good move by choosing to show the film JERUSALEM on an IMAX screen starting on October 10, 2014. 
The film is not the trial of the war around Jerusalem but rather presents unique images shot on location in 3D format. To create a sort of story, three teenage girls from three different religions (Jewish, Muslim and Catholic) and who live in the holy city are visiting while explaining their respective love for their town. In a sense, they become with their family the stars of the film, after of course the city which is at the center of the story. 
Note that the film was made over a period of 5 years so political and religious permission to film the scene was complicated to obtain. 
The film JERUSALEM is very well done and he offers us a closer look at this city and most importantly, it helps us to question about the value of motivation, if there is value, surrounding the war that is raging again in this region of the world. 
Photo 1: Shows and Daniel Ferguson - director of the film; 
Photos 2, 3 and 4: Images of the film;
Photo 5: The three teenage girls in the film;
Photo 6: Montreal Science Centre;

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