lundi 27 mai 2013


By Bernard Bujold ( - 
According to the popular writer Isabelle Lafleche "We must appreciate the efforts of a bookseller as Indigo-Chapters to encourage the sale of books by local authors in the cities where their stores are located." Isabelle made this statement while she held a public signing session on the occasion of the publication of her new novel J'ADORE PARIS. 
The book industry has undergone profound changes in marketing and one must actually admit that Chapters-Indigo is probably the one which have best reacted to the new situation in the books sector while promoting local initiatives. Congratulations to his owner Heather Reisman and good luck to Isabelle Lafleche for her new novel! 
Photo 1: Indigo-Chapters Montreal;
Photo 2: Isabelle Lafleche and book signing;
See website Indigo-Chapters;

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