vendredi 10 mai 2013


By Bernard Bujold ( -
It's lobster season and if there is a surprise is the low price of this crustacean! 
When I was a teenager in Gaspésie, lobster was put inaccessible due to its price. I remember me and my friends went to the beach to catch small crabs that we were then cooking on a beach fire. The situation has changed in 2013. The lobster has become economic while the crab is for gourmet only. The proof: lobster sells for $ 5.88 a kilo compared to grocery crab which sells more than $ 30 a kilo. Sole that we were fishing on the edge of the docks and then return to the sea because nobody wanted it now sells about $ 20 a kilo... 
Conclusion: if you fancy eating lobster this spring, you have two options. You rent a boat and go to sea with a fisherman and your cage or you rather the grocery store. In the case of sea travel, the experience will be very exciting yet not very economical! 
 Good spring season 2013! 
Photo 1.2: Lobster Spring 2013;
Photo 3: Fishing; Photo 4: Provigo Market;
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