samedi 4 août 2012

Quebec Elections 2012 - Jacques Duchesneau The Vigilante

By Bernard Bujold ( - 
Jean Charest has just lost his first game in the playoffs of provincial election in Quebec. The candidacy of the former star police chief Jacques Duchesneau for the political party Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) could allow Francois Legault to become the next prime minister of Quebec! 
An election is like a sports competition and unforeseen events that are coming beat the game plan and make lose or win. Jean Charest has a plan to address the students and Pauline Marois but the arrival of Jacques Duchesneau will send to the backstage the student conflict and bring the debate on corruption to the forefront. 
The playoff series is obviously not won for the CAQ and the struggle continues. 
I was friend with Jacques Duchesneau when he was police chief and candidate for mayor of Montreal and later when we were both close friends of Ben Weider. Jacques has one defect: he does not accept the criticism and wants to be the boss. François Legault seems willing to give much space to Jacques Duchesneau and it could even be argued that the two would be co-prime minister if the QAC wins the election on 4 September. 
I criticized Jacques during his campaign for mayor in 1998, saying that he should appear as an ex-police chief rather than as an ordinary citizen. He did not listen and he lost his election. In 2012 he is displaying his true color of a vigilante. Jacques Duchesneau could have been a great investigative reporter, but he had no education and decided to be a police officer who did not hesitate to uncover the drug crimes of his boss and police chief Henry Marchessault in 1983. One could easily make a connection between Duchesneau and Michel Côté's character in the movie Omertà. 
2012 Quebec election has just taken a new direction. Stay tuned! 
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