lundi 27 août 2012

Beach in the Old Port of Montreal is not a success in 2012....

By Bernard Bujold ( - The beach project on the Quays of the Old Port of Montreal was to be the gathering place for all families from Montreal and urban workers would gather on the beach to enjoy the sun and the cityscape view from the artificial beach. 
The resounding success has not been the reality in 2012 and each day only a few dozen people enjoy the facilities. 
 It should be noted that a $6 per person admission fee could be what slowed the popularity of the place as everything around it is available for free from trees, picnic tables, benches and even public pools where it is possible to soak your feet or play with pedal boats. During the inauguration of the beach last June, the director of the Old Port, Mrs. Claude Benoit, said that during the day, the beach would accommodate 1,200 people, and 600 people for the evening fireworks and special events. The development cost of the beach was valued at $3 million. An expense which will definitely not be pay for itself in 2012… 
Interviewed on the subject, staff responsible for beach confessed that there were no large crowds to date but they hope for better next year!
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